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Compressed air

Youdian cooperates with the top air compressor manufacturers in the industry for the air compressor rental services. All the products have been subject to the manufacturers strict tests and hard environment tests to confirm the reliability of their quality and excellence of their performances. Now, you can see Youdians air compressors playing active roles in various adverse and complicated environment conditions. We believe Youdians air compressors can well meet your needs in different fields.

You need to know the follow issues about the air compressor before giving us a call:
Several important parameters
1.Pressure: the minimum pressure required for compressed air in kg/cm2, bar, mpa, psi.
2.Flow rate: the maximum airflow after appropriate allowance is taken into consideration, unit in m3/min, L/min.

Requirements for the quality of compressed air
1.Water content: dryness of compressed air, usually expressed in the form of dew point temperature .
2.Oil content: oil residual in compressed air, usually expressed in ppm, mg/m3.

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