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For a power supply provider, appreciation of many customers for the value of power supply solutions comes from the combination of four key standards:
Reliability: for a customer, reliability means the rental service should provide uninterrupted power supply.
Quality of power supply: the power supply from rental service should be consistent and free from peak, abrupt decline or transient decline.
Cost control: the power costs that customers usually believe (usually in KWH) is the market price and history price of the power supply from electric grid.
Overall capability: refers to the specialized knowledge and reliability of the supplier and whether the supplier is capable of providing a complete and win-win solution for the customers.

Youdian¡¯s power generating technologies come from the reliable support from the top manufacturers of the industry, and has the support from Caterpillar¡¯s global network and the products from the leading players in the industry as well as the our most modernized rental service teams and the network resources of the industry. Youdian is capable of providing the users with the best power supply solutions and ¡°turn-key¡± power equipment rental services.

Caterpillar generators are the cleanest in the industry, well recognized as the top brand name, reliable in performances, steady in output and capable of buffering converse high loads, and while effectively inhibiting transient voltage decline and shortening reversion time, it provides steady and high quality power supply.

All the generators from Youdian can surely meet or exceed the strict national standards, including the routine servicing and the load tests for ensuring on-site reliability. They meet the strictest standards for safety, noise level and environment protection. With its well-integrated maintenance support, authentic Caterpillar spare parts and our highly positive teams of workers, Youdian can fully ensure uninterrupted power supply in 100% at any time.

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