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Maintenance service

Youdians well-trained engineers and technical workers can provide you with timely, quick and all-around services for the maintenance and servicing of equipment, and can provide you with periodic security agreement for generators. Youdian may also provide you with a training program for your technical people.
    Classifications for maintenance services
    Class-A maintenance:
       Maintenance of starter motor
       Examination and maintenance of oil atomizer fuel pump, pressurizer
       Grinding or change of air valve
       Examination and repair of cylinder head
       Examination and repair of machine oil and water pump
       Examination or change of transmission belt of engine
       Other repair services
    Class-B maintenance:
       Maintenance of high-pressure oil pump and oil injector
       Maintenance of DC charging motor
       Grinding of air valve and valve seat
       Examination or replace of rectifier diode of the electric ball
       Replace piston ring and bush of connecting rod
       Examination or change of piston and piston pin
       Examination or change of connecting rod
       Examination or change of cylinder liner
    Class-C maintenance
       Include the maintenance services of class-B
       Examination or replace of crankshaft
       Replace of main shaft bush, oil seal, etc.
       Examination and repair of cylinder body, camshaft and gear wheel
       Re-correct oil spray timing
       Renovation of the unit where needed
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