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Youdian Power Equipment
As a global supplier of fuel oil and gas power generators, Nanjing Youdian Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the rental service, sales and supply of diesel generators. It is a distributor of Caterpillar generating units, acting as an agent for the sales of “Caterpillar” and “Olympian” generating units and parts. Olympian diesel generating units ISO9901-certified power equipment of outstanding performances carefully designed and manufactured at Caterpillar’s premises under its very strict management system. Our sales area for Olympian generating units includes Mainland China as well as the overseas market. We have set up fully functioning operating and sales services in Each Chin and South China regions, providing 7/24 services so that the users are in a position to all technical supports and after-sales services all the time.
Youdian is system provider of integrated power supply solutions, providing customers with all possible power supply solutions. From project evaluation and design of the very beginning to the final project implementation, Youdian is capable of providing long-term continuous power supply, main power supply, stand-by power supply and short-term temporary power supply to meet different needs of the users for power supply.
It provides long-term, mid-term and short-term power solutions and power supply security for different industries such as commercial, building, entertainments/activities, foods and beverages, government/military, industries/manufacturing, marine, mining and material accumulation, petrochemical, public utilities, etc. For those businesses that have already had their own generating units, it can provide quarterly or yearly service for the maintenance & servicing and security of their equipment, and under some special circumstances, it provides temporary security for power supply.

While enjoying a good reputation in the marketplace and in industries, Youdian a well-developed organizational structure in the company, boasting a highly qualified team of management, a positive working environment and employees working hard for its new strategies. With rich experiences in the design, configuration and maintenance of generating units, Youdian’s service team are capable of handling installation and commissioning, maintenance and repair of various generating units from 6.8kw to 2400kw, reconstruction of control system, control of distant alarming and noise reduction design for machine rooms and relevant configuration work, etc.

Founded in 1927, Caterpillar is one of the largest manufacturers of engineering machinery and engines. For many consecutive years, it has been honored as the “most-appreciated business” by Fortune. In 2010, it is takes the 229th place on the Fortune Top-500 list.

Caterpillar is the world’s earliest manufacturer of generating units. Since its first design and production 1931, Caterpillar gained the leading position for its generators. All the engines, generators, control systems and all the parts and components are completely designed, manufactured and tested by Caterpillar and their performances in use are fully guaranteed. Each generating unit gives 100% output as shown on its nameplate, and can accept 100% load in one time. Caterpillar’s products can operate under very adverse environment conditions. They are marked with long service life, a long time of operation before overhaul is required and low in operating costs, for which they have won the favor from the users all over the world, and also, they have set a model of the industry in terms of reliability, quality and value, making them be the most outstanding generating units of the world so far.

Cooperation with the internationalized service agents of Caterpillar

Youdian works with Caterpillar’s internationalized service agents to explore the Chinese market jointly, providing power supply solutions of diesel generating units or fuel gas generating units of 20mw or higher.

All the solutions are provided on rental basis. Youdian provides all necessary equipment, including self-supply power generating modules, transformers, load banks, cables and oil tanks to meet the need of all necessary services for operation.。

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