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Survey of industries

The world power generation market fluctuates with the economic growth cycles and the market prices of oil and coal, and is in the trend of continuous growth in the range of fluctuation to support the need of growing population and development. While the need for power supply is growing, construction of new power plants is not developing to keep pace with the growth, which is partly because of excessive costs, concerns about environment impact and political reasons. Most of such shortage of power supply can be relieved by power supply rental service solutions.

To understand the needs of the customers in the different subdivided market of power rental service is the very important first step for Youdian to work out different solutions for the customers of different industries and sectors. To understand the characteristics of each market will enable Youdian to better foresee and accurately respond to the needs of the users. Only in this way, can we work out win-win solutions of the real sense, improving the effectiveness of service on one hand and increasing customer satisfaction on the other.

What Youdian aspires to is to provide users with the best power supply solutions rather than one or several sets of generating units in rental service.

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