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    Each case of application includes an electrical diagram. Preparation of a diagram is a good practice as it can help in communicating with the customers for necessary power configuration and other issues related with installation.
    Each case of application includes the specific configurations and installation issues of such application. But, whichever application it is, rental service solutions always have some common problems. The following issues are very important and given priority in consideration:
     Determine the start and operation requirements of all loads. Usually SKVA (start KVA) is a more important factor for consideration than operation KVA or ampere. A correction decision on the size of the rental service is the key for providing the users with economic systems that meet their needs.
     Its definitely necessary to give consideration to the time span of the rental service to ensure calculation of power supply, taking into consideration the maximum loads within the whole period.
     Who is going to provide the necessary cables, cable end protectors and other supporting equipment? If the users intend to provide cables, such cables should be enough to sustain the loads and meet the environment protection requirements. The typical size of cables is 4/0 (rated value 400A) and 500mcm (rated value 695A).
     Whats the distance between the power equipment of rental service and connection points? This is associated with the length of cable and the choice of cables. Decide whether cables can operate outdoor or should be placed cables in pipes.
     For continuous or long-time applications, its necessary to know the percentage of loads and expected hours of operation per day, and its necessary to have fuel tank of enough capacity to match with the fuel supplement cycle according to the users plan.

    Application manual for power equipment rental service (click to view)

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